Sebastopol Solar Farm will be located approximately 4 kilometres south east of Sebastopol and approximately 16 kilometres south of Temora. The site is located within the Temora Local Government Area, with the southern boundary of the site bordering the Junee Local Government Area. Access to the site via Eurolee Road falls within the Junee Local Government Area.

The site covers approximately 248 hectares of private rural land currently used for crops and grazing. The choice of this location for the solar farm is driven by a combination of:

  • Excellent solar irradiation
  • Low level of environmental impact – the site has been largely cleared and heavily disturbed by previous cultivation and cropping
  • Level terrain for cost effective construction
  • Ideal location on the national electricity grid for exporting the solar farm’s electricity into the existing network.
  • Excellent access to local and major roads
  • Land zoning will not change as solar farms are a compatible activity for development within this zone.

    The project has been designed to fit the available land and to maximize the facility’s energy generation capacity and energy yield.

    The project will be built on private land that will be leased from the landowners via a long-term lease agreement.

    Additional lots are not being sought at this time. The project has been appropriately sized to match estimated electricity grid capacity in the local area.